Dear Members of AFSCME Local 127,

The purpose of this email is to provide Members with Fifteen-Day Notice of the Election. See AFSCME Local Election Manual (p. 11); see also Constitution for Local 127, Art. VII, Sec. 2.

Dear Members of AFSCME Local 127,

AFSCME Local 127 encourages you to attend and participate in two upcoming virtual meetings via Zoom. The purpose of these meetings is (1) to vote on the method of which the leaders of Local 127 will be elected and (2) to nominate members of Local 127 to the elected positions. For reasons discussed below, both meetings are necessary to comply with the Constitution of AFSCME Local 127.      

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As of October 29, 2021, the City of San Diego and AFSCME Local 127 concluded its effects bargaining over the City’s COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate. Although AFSCME Local 127 expressed several objections to the process and the content of the City’s Mandate, the city decided to impose its mandate.