On the 55th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., AFSCME releases the “I AM Story” podcast, which describes the working conditions faced by AFSCME sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1968 – the year of their historic strike – and connects that seminal event to today’s struggle for economic and racial justice. The podcast also spotlights the ties between the labor and civil rights movements.

This week, the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council (SDICLC) swore in Tim Douglass, President of AFSCME Local 127, to its Executive Board. As a Member of the Executive Board, Douglass will be able to discuss and deliberate on numerous issues, ranging from health care to retirement security. In doing so, Douglass will ensure AFSCME Local 127 has an active voice and vested interest across the San Diego and Imperial Counties.  

     Recently, the Environmental Services Department of the City of San Diego invited a YouTuber to experience a workday from the perspective of a Sanitation Driver. Michelle Khare, a YouTuber with 3.55 million subscribers, spent a day documenting and collecting refuse with the Sanitation Drivers of AFSCME Local 127. Check out the link below, titled "I Tried Garbage Collection," to see her results and newfound appreciation for yourself: 

I Tried Garbage Collection - YouTube

AFSCME wholeheartedly supports the newly reintroduced Richard Trumka Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act), which would make it easier for workers in the private sector to form strong unions. 

Understaffing of state and local government jobs has hit crisis levels.