Tim Douglass sworn into Executive Board of SDICLC

This week, the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council (SDICLC) swore in Tim Douglass, President of AFSCME Local 127, to its Executive Board. As a Member of the Executive Board, Douglass will be able to discuss and deliberate on numerous issues, ranging from health care to retirement security. In doing so, Douglass will ensure AFSCME Local 127 has an active voice and vested interest across the San Diego and Imperial Counties.  

By any standard, the SDICLC is large and influential. The SDICLC is composed of numerous locals within San Diego and Imperial Counties, advocating for "nurses, teachers, firefighters, retail workers, truck drivers, construction tradespeople, grocery employees, domestic workers, janitors, stagehands, college professors," among many others. In effect, the SDICLC represents the interests of approximately 200,000 working families.   

For more information on the SDICLC and the significance of this development, visit its website: 

About — San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council (unionyes.org)  

Congratulations, Tim!