A Message from President Rodney Fowler on the Tentative Agreement with the City of San Diego for Fiscal Year 2021-2022

Brothers and Sisters,

I want give you a few updates on the current situation concerning contract negotiations with the City of San Diego.

AFSCME International and Organized Labor across the country worked tirelessly to lobby and move the Congress and President to do the right thing for Americans by approving the “American Rescue Plan”.

Six weeks ago, the City of San Diego offered us nothing, today we have an offer and opportunity to address the need for proper wages for essential employees/workers and continue in the fight to address and resolve the issues working men and women deal with everyday in their family lives.

AFSCME Local 127’s tentative agreement prevents furloughs and layoffs, secures wage increases of 4% July 1st, 2021 first full pay period, 4% July 1st, 2022, an increase in health care cost allotment to $1,500.00 for employee & children, $2,000.00 for employee & spouse/domestic partner, and $3,000.00 for employee & spouse/domestic partner & children.

Certification Pay increases.

Nine Special Salary Adjustments left over from the previous administration and addressed now, with the current administration.

Certification Pay, Numerous PUD Special Salary Adjustments were put forth by the department to address the recruitment and retention issues concerning those classifications, these cost will be passed on to rate payers and not come out the general fund money.

Outside of current contract negotiations, AFSCME Local 127 has been fighting behind the scene for years in court with dues money, to remove prop “B” off the San Diego City Charter. We have won that fight against the City of San Diego.

In the coming weeks, we will be discussing the pathway to bring back the retirement system for everyone hired after 2012.

It’s is the negotiations team recommendation to ratify this 2 year contract.

I want to personally thank our negotiations team members and our Business Agent Leticia Munguia for all your efforts and hard work. We will continue to fight for proper living wages for the City of San Diego Essential Employees.

Thank you,
Rodney L. Fowler Sr.
President & Chief Steward
AFSCME Local 127