Local 127 attends AFSCME's 45th Biennial Convention

          Last week, the Leaders and Delegates of AFSCME Local 127 attended the AFSCME 45th Biennial Convention in Philadelphia!

          At the Convention, AFSCME Local 127 had the opportunity to meet and speak with both the President of AFSCME, Lee Saunders, and the Secretary-Treasurer of AFSCME, Elissa McBride. AFSCME Local 127 also voted, along with thousands from across the country, on numerous resolutions, involving standards and philosophies. And AFSCME Local 127 participated in various workshops ranging from how to conduct a contract campaign to how to use collective action to resolve workplace issues. Finally, AFSCME Local 127 rallied and campaigned in solidarity with the workers of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In short, it was a phenomenal experience!

         Thank you to the members of AFSCME Local 127 for sending its representatives!

[For more information on the Convention, click the link, titled "afscme...pptx," at the bottom of this page.]