Hepatitis A Information

Due to the current San Diego County Outbreak of Hepatitis A, AFSCME Local 127 is sending a friendly reminder to wash your hands with soap and water after using the bathroom, and before preparing, serving, and eating food.

Below are a few helpful links provided by the Health and Human Services Agency, San Diego County:

Hepatitis A Fact Sheet:
http://www.sandiegocoun ty.gov/content/dam/sdc/hhsa/programs/phs/documents/EISB_HepA_Fact_She et_FINAL_ES.pdf

Hepatitis A Vaccination Recommendations During the Current San Diego County Outbreak (September 26, 2017):
http://www.sa ndiegocounty.gov/content/dam/sdc/hhsa/programs/phs/documents/Provider -Guidance-for-HAV-shots-9.26.17.pdf

Please view this memo from Risk Management Director Julio Canizal with an update on hepatitis A vaccination information. (Click the link below, under Resources, to view a PDF)